16 products

      16 products


      All the proposals of LG Lesmo transformable tables available for your creativity! In our product catalog you will find many models of transformable coffee tables of different sizes and dimensions, to be customized as you wish: choose the finish that best suits your tastes, the dimensions and the type of legs. The LG Lesmo living room tables are elegant and solid coffee tables, which can be transformed into large dining tables if necessary. Furnishing accessories 100% Made in Italy and in real wood, made exclusively by expert craftsmen and designed to integrate into any living room.

      SPACE SAVING TABLES 4/6 seats

      The most discreet and compact prototype among all the up and down transformable tables available in the LG Lesmo shop. Solid, reliable and at home in any living room, this coffee table model lifts easily and transforms into a dining table for 2 people, to be transported to the kitchen or dining room on occasion thanks to the practical wheels placed at the "feet" of the legs. Lightweight and customizable with the addition of stabilizers, this transformable table is also equipped with a folding table top , to "stretch" up to accommodate 4/6 people.

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      SPACE SAVING TABLES 8/10 seats

      Precious and made of real wood, the 8/10 seater LG Lesmo transformable tables are ideal for those who love to live in spacious environments , without giving up hospitality. Fully customizable in size and with the addition of "stabilizing" legs, these tables can be ennobled with the essence that best suits your interior: you can opt for one of the many finishes available , exotic or traditional, or request a painting or an inlay. Like the 4/6-seater coffee table, this model is also equipped with a folding table top, to extend up to accommodate 8/10 people .

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      SPACE SAVING TABLES 12/14 seats

      Large, spacious, surprising! The 12/14-seater convertible coffee tables are fully customizable, just like the more compact models. However , these prototypes support a unique mechanism , developed by LG Lesmo exclusively to allow small coffee tables to stretch up to accommodate 14 people . In fact, the frame of these transformable tables extends via two telescopic aluminum rails, to which beech extensions can be attached. A curiosity? The extensions can be personalized with a print and hung on the wall, like a painting .

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      SPACE SAVING TABLES 16 seats

      The boldest model, the transformable table that dares most of all. The 16-seater coffee tables use the same mechanism as the 12/14-seater coffee tables, but can be extended up to 3.40 m . Ideal for those who like to host parties, aperitifs, or simply for those with a very large family, these tables are equipped with up to 3 extensions that can be customized with a print for hanging on the wall, and are adjustable in intermediate lengths. Coffee table, table for 2, table for 16...as simple as that!

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      With the LG Lesmo 3D configurator you can create your customized transformable table and project it directly into your living room using your smartphone camera . After clicking the "configure" button , choose the size and type of table you want to create, enable the camera and place the table wherever you want .